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A new series from the legendary Cherry Vision studio!!! Cute and ridiculously innocent Raquel looks like the kind of classy chick you might see playing the violin, or dancing ballet. She’s got a perfectly proportions like a little venus. Perfect tits, tiny waist, round ass. She’s always worn her hair in a tight and perfectly neat little bun while getting her perfect ass pounded. But she finally lets her hair down. And its down to her ass which does not disappoint. Tall and slim model looking Logan joins suit for the ass pounding of her life. And then they are joined by the beautiful Jesse, Keri and Libit for some deep fucking and sucking to make this one of the sexiest new movies available. And then of course there’s the Krokodil!

2015 Cherry Vision Jesse,Keri,Krokodil Aka Yuriy Sergeev,Libit,Logan,Raquel,Yura Bilan,Yuri Firsov,Yuri Rocket

Genre: Teens

Director: Cherry Vision

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