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Watching nubilefilms Your Wildest Dreams – S30:E13 with Daisy Stone, Logan Long. Logan Long is enjoying a layabout in bed, but Daisy Stone isn’t about

Logan Long is enjoying a layabout in bed, but Daisy Stone isn’t about to let that big morning wood go to waste. Dressed in a sheer nightie, she rubs her titties and lets the material slide up her hips until her ass that’s covered in just a thong peeks out. Then she crawls into the bed and springs Logan’s hardon free to fill her hands and mouth with its length and girth.
Leaning in to get more comfortable, Daisy strokes slowly and works her way up to sucking in more and more of her treat. She keeps her hands busy as her head bobs, caressing and squeezing Logan to total stiffness. Then she takes his place on the bed so Logan can worship her body with his hands and mouth. When Daisy’s nipples are hard peaks, Logan relocates down to fill his mouth with her musky arousal.
When Logan gets on his knees to replace his tongue with his hardon, Daisy welcomes him inside with a low moan of delight. She spreads her thighs wide, then reaches down to rub her clit as Logan moves inside of her. Biting her lip, she keeps sensual eye contact as Logan brings her to her first luxurious climax of the day.
Daisy isn’t a one and done kind of girl, so she gets onto her hands and knees and guides Logan back into her heat. She watches over her shoulder as he sets a steady pace. Eventually, she raises her torso until her back hits Logan’s chest, creating a delectable new angle of penetration.
Rolling onto her side, Daisy once again positions Logan at her entrance so he can continue to stoke her passion. This position lets them enjoy physical closeness, but isn’t quite the angle that Daisy needs to really get her motor running. Instead, she climbs on top of Logan and rides him long and hard as he guides her with his big hands.
Finally satisfied with her morning of loving, Daisy slides off of Logan and resumes her blowjob. Her hard work eventually pays off as Logan indicates that he’s getting close. A moment later, he hits Daisy in her smiling face with a cum shot that dribbles down her chin and leaves her fully sated. Moments later, Logan wakes up to realize that Daisy and her hot little body were only a dream.

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Daisy Stone,Logan Long

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Director: Nubile Films

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SubGenres: 18-23, Big Dick, Blonde, Blowjob, Fair Skin, Girl Orgasm, Girl-Boy, Girls Finishing the Job, Handjob, Lingerie, Long hair, Passion, Petite, Pussy Licking, Shaved Pussy, Sheer, Small Boobs, Thongs

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