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My jaw nearly dropped to the floor when I spotted the beautiful Crystal Swift walking down the street, there’s no way I could let such a hot BBW chick go by without making a move! Before we could have any kind of fun, I had to deal with Crystal’s suspicions about my motives. Lucky thing she didn’t run away, and I had time to tell her my innocent desire just to see her all-natural big boobs in the flesh! We walked off to the bushes, where no one would spot Crystal’s public nudity, and I started handing over some cash in exchange for sexual favors. After flashing me her huge tits, Crystal got on her knees and gave me a blowjob, sucking me nearly to the brink of cumming in her mouth. She jumped on top and rode me cowgirl, titfucking my hard cock and dipping her jugs in my face as I filmed every minute of us humping in this naughty outdoor sex adventure!

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