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Watching girlsonlyporn On The Floor – S2:E24 with Jenna J Ross, Karlie Montana. After a late night of partying alluring beauties Jenna J Ross and Karlie

After a late night of partying alluring beauties Jenna J Ross and Karlie Montana entwine themselves in a torrid love affair in the wee hours of the morning. Bra and panties strune about the naked lover devour each other with passionate kisses. Petite Jenna lays on top of her suckling her wet lips and nipples. She works her way down to her stomach then has her stand up to admire the curvature of her ass. Jenna peels her panties down and reveals a vivacious rump. Moving her to the bed Karlie lays out spreading wide. Jenna begins to linger below running her tongue up and down Karlie’s clit.
Excited by the delicate touch she became wet, holding her ass open for Jenna to dive in. Karlie gripped her head keeping the friction of her tongue close to her sensitive pussy. Jenna massaged and blew cool breaths on the wetness to create a tingling sensation. Karlie spread her lips as Jenna’s tongue thrusted deep inside. She lost all control arching her neck as she called out moans of satisfaction. Her body shuddered with orgasmic contemptment.
Jenna climbed on top as the two kissed passionately. They caressed each others naked flesh as Jenna moved forward mounting Karlie’s face. She arched her back, reaching behind her to massage Karlie’s pussy. Wrapping her arms around her thighs and spreading her lips with her fingers Karlie worked her supple tongue up and down Jenna’s pussy lips. She watched with desire as her tongue orchestrated Jenna’s crescendo. Bucking forward with a loss of control Jenna held Karlie’s face with both hands as she orgasmed on her penetrating touch. Jenna’s body convulsed with pleasure.
Still entwined in excitement Karlie flips over onto her stomach. She pokes her ass into the air and spreads her cheeks as Jenna slipped a finger inside. Tonguing her asshole Karlie pulls tighter on her fleshy cheek allowing Jemma more space to work. Fingering her tender pussy Jenna held tight, her arm wrapped around Karlie’s thigh as she winced at the titillating touch. Jenna focused as she could feel Karlie swelling to orgasm. Looking back, her head pressed against the mattress, her breasts hanging in delicate balance Karlie broke into an overwhelming stimulated release.
Satisfied at Jenna’s affections she looked at her with devouring eyes. She lured Jenna down onto the bed sliding up next to her. The two shared a sensual kiss then locked eyes as Karlie began to play with her pussy. She spread her as she passed her tongue over Jenna’s eager pussy. She wet her fingers and then slid two digits inside of her. Jenna smiled with delight. The two locked eyes with longing looks. Karlie increased momentum as Jenna pulled her close their foreheads touching. Jenna clenched her eyes shut as her body electrified with deafening orgasm. Karlie massaged with adoring power.
The two embraced in loving lips as they settled down for a long morning nap.

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