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Watching girlsonlyporn How Its Done – S2:E8 with Chloe Cherry, Harlow West, Spencer Bradley. Spencer Bradley is ready to shoot some sensual content between

Spencer Bradley is ready to shoot some sensual content between Harlow West and Chloe Cherry. She’s just checking her cameras when Harlow and Chloe arrive. Spencer tells them that their wardrobe is ready, so if they can go ahead and get changed, she’ll meet them in the bedroom.
Harlow and Chloe take a seat on the bed, but Spencer takes too long fiddling with her cameras for Chloe’s taste. Leaning in, she capture’s Harlow’s lips in a hot kiss. Spencer childes Chloe gently and then sends Harlow out of the room for the opening shot. Then Spencer hands Chloe a vibrator to use on her trimmed muff to set the stage for her sizzling scene.
Once Chloe is moaning with genuine pleasure, Spencer instructs Harlow to come on in and go straight for a pussy feast. Harlow ad libs a bit, kissing Chloe’s puffy lips and then giving her tits a brief exploration before going for the muff. Spencer tells Harlow to take the toy and start playing with Chloe’s pussy, but within moments there’s a clear problem: Harlow doesn’t know how to make Chloe cum.
Spencer doesn’t let Harlow’s inexperience slow her down. She climbs onto the bed and opens her mouth to show Harlow just how to eat Chloe out properly. Harlow watches raptly as Spencer demonstrates, then goes ahead and tries again.
Chloe still isn’t getting it, so they try with Chloe in doggy. Eventually, Harlow asks for another demonstration. This time, Harlow seems to finally understand how to make a lady cum with her tongue. Spencer is certainly digging it. Putting her camera down, she slides her hand into her shorts to masturbate.
When Chloe catches a glimpse of what Spencer is doing, she stops filming and urges Spencer to join in. Although Spencer initially declines, Chloe is persistent. It’s not long before Spencer is letting Chloe and Harlow undress her and drag her onto the bed to join in the festivities.
Now that Spencer has made it an official threesome, the girls are voracious for one another, cupping and caressing each other’s lovely curves. Spencer gets the first opportunity to be in the middle, with Harlow suckling and squeezing her titties and Chloe on her belly between her thighs. Then Harlow gets on her knees to feast on Spencer’s pussy while Chloe kneels behind Harlow and eats her out.
With Spencer still on her back, Harlow climbs up the director’s body and plants her pussy on Spencer’s mouth. That position lets Spencer indulge in some oral delight as Chloe grabs the vibrator and presses herself clit to clit with Spencer. Sliding the vibrator between them, Chloe tribs with Spencer while morning long and loud about how good it feels.
Collapsing onto the bed beside Spencer, Harlow reaches out to rub Spencer’s clit while Spencer mirrors the movement. Then Chloe curls up on Spencer’s other side. Working together, the girls manage to make each other explode with passion one last time before cuddling in a pile of lesbian delight as they bask in the afterglow.

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Chloe Cherry,Harlow West,Spencer Bradley

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SubGenres: Blonde, Bras, Brunette, Camel Toe, Fair Skin, Girl Orgasm, Girl-Girl-Girl, Hairy Pussy, Lesbian, Lingerie, Long hair, Masturbation, Panties, Passion, Petite, Pussy Licking, Redhead, Super Skinny, Toys, Trimmed

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