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Watching girlsonlyporn Hot Girls – S25:E5 with Cadey Mercury, Kristen Scott. A thong and sheer bra the only things standing between Kristen Scott and her

A thong and sheer bra the only things standing between Kristen Scott and her questing fingers as she lays in bed and enjoys soft touches. When her girlfriend Cadey Mercury joins her, Kristen can’t stop the come-hither smile that crosses her lips. Her excitement only grows when Cadey pulls the slit in her skirt aside to show that she’s not wearing any panties, and then lifts her top to prove she’s braless as well.
Crawling onto the bed with Kristen, Cadey gradually kisses her way up her lover’s body. She makes plenty of stops along the way, laving her tongue over Kristen’s flat belly and hard nipples. When she finally captures Kristen’s lips, the kiss lasts only a brief few moments before Cadey is back on the move. Her next destination is the heat between Kristen’s thighs, which is where she settles on her belly.
Dropping another kiss on Kristen’s hot mound, Cadey flicks her tongue out to rasp along the lace of her love’s underwear. She rubs Kristen’s clit over her thong, and then finally divests her of her panties so that she can dive in for some deeper loving. When Cadey finally runs her fingers directly over Kristen’s clit, the brunette can’t help a moan of excitement.
Leaning forward to replace her fingers with her tongue, Cadey does whatever she can to drive Kristen wild with excitement. She lifts Kristen’s leg over her shoulder to open the delight of her landing strip pussy up for deeper penetration, all the while delivering sweet torture with her tongue. Meanwhile, Kristen grabs her own boobs to squeeze them as she arches her hips in entreaty for Cadey to bring her off.
As her body is still humming from her climax, Kristen rises on her knees to put her mouth and hands to work seducing Cadey’s small breasts. Cadey isn’t shy about asking for what she wants as she goes up on her hands and knees, and Kristen is happy to deliver. Pressing her nose to Cadey’s sweet rump, Kristen licks and teases her tender anus. Meanwhile, her hand stays busy gliding up and down Cadey’s slippery slit and dipping into her tight twat.
Diving deeper, Kristen really applies herself to pleasuring Cadey in both the front and back. Her mouth alternates between Cadey’s bottom and her fuck hole, going wherever the raven-haired coed’s gasps guide her. When she finally slides her fingers deep inside and starts stroking, she hits just the right spot to leave Cadey boneless with orgasmic bliss.
The girls exchange another long kiss before Cadey lays down on the bed and pulls Kristen down to seat her pussy right over her eager mouth. Kristen loves sitting on her girlfriend’s face, especially as Cadey starts to work magic with her tongue. She isn’t about to let Cadey have all the fun, though; turning around, she leans forward to complete their lesbian 69.
With each coed working the other’s creamy pussy, it isn’t long before the room is filled with a chorus of gasps and moans. Their enthusiasm for one another is boundless as Cadey succumbs to her climax first. Kristen isn’t far behind, her whole body bucking as Cadey brings her off. As the girls enjoy the afterglow of good sex, they curl up in bed together to bask in the delight of spooning cuddles.

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