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Adela (44 mins) I warmed to this blonde 24 year old the minute she walked through the door. Mainly because we both clearly shared a passion for reflective clothing. Another one of her very attractive qualities was her love for taking large penis in her back entrance. Most girls that walk through my door are very cautious and unsure what’s expected of them, and so they should be. Adela on the other hand wanted some quick cash, not that she was going to find any here (I think there was an ATM around the corner) but I’d clearly been my usual convincing self and she bought the ‘I can get you work’ story quicker than I found myself balls deep in her ass. It was as tight as…well…an ass hole so I used almost half a bottle of lube before it was sliding in and out with ease. Filthy girls like this need to be sent home with a bloodshot eye courtesy of my jet powered spunk shot. Once again this girl didn’t bat an eye lid….well she couldn’t, they were stuck together.

Substudio: Fake Agent

Genre: XXX Scenes

Director: Fake Hub

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