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Watching girlsonlyporn Friends With Benefits – S12:E18 with Cayla, Mindy. Raven haired Mindy is bent on seduction as, topless, she approaches her friend

Raven haired Mindy is bent on seduction as, topless, she approaches her friend Cayla from behind and gives her a lingering kiss. Within moments Cayla finds herself stripped down to just her panties and face-down on the bed so that Mindy can cover her back in massage oil.
The massage doesn’t last long before the girls are back to a sensual makeout session. Cayla takes the opportunity to press Mindy down onto her back so that she can press her warm open mouth to Mindy’s landing strip pussy. The raven-haired honey’s undulating hips and soft gasps bely her pleasure as Cayla gently but inexorably drives her lover crazy with her talented tongue.
As soon as Mindy’s twat is slick with her eager juices, Cayla slips two fingers deep inside her wet sheath. Her fingers move with ever increasing speed as Mindy’s moans spur her on. With patient steady touches, Cayla gradually works Mindy towards her inexorable explosive climax.
Now it’s Mindy’s turn to finish what she started. She positions Cayla on her knees with her legs spread in anticipation of an exciting pussy licking. Mindy doesn’t disappoint, jamming the tip of her tongue to Cayla’s clit and sweeping her tongue along Cayla’s sensitive slit.
With her soft moans of need filling the room, Cayla rocks her hips into Mindy’s mouth to increase the pressure of her lover’s tongue. Flipping Cayla onto her back, Mindy changes the angle of her finger fucking so that her thumb rubs Cayla’s clit while her seeking fingers find Cayla’s g-spot. With that devoted attention finally Mindy’s patience pays off and Cayla

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SubGenres: 18-23, Black Hair, Blonde, European, Fair Skin, Girl-Girl, Hardcore, Landing Strip Pussy, Lesbian, Long hair, Medium Boobs, Panties, Petite, Shaved Pussy, Short Girls, Small Boobs, Tall Girls, Tan

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