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Watching girlsonlyporn Discovering You – S27:E16 with Anie Darling, Cayla. Cayla sits in the morning sunlight, wearing only a lingerie bra and panties

Cayla sits in the morning sunlight, wearing only a lingerie bra and panties as she contemplates the beauty that is Anie Darling. Carefully pulling down the blankets to uncover Anie’s small breasts, Cayla leans in to circle her tongue around her girlfriend’s soft nipples. As Anie wakes up to the touch of her blonde love, her nipples harden and she pulls Cayla in for a lingering kiss.
Keeping things slow and steady, Cayla works the covers down Anie’s body until she finds her lover’s thong. She presses the heel of her hand to the heart of Anie’s pleasure, then rolls the underwear down Anie’s long legs. Now that her girlfriend is laid out before her like a delicious gift, Cayla settles in on her belly between Anie’s thighs and goes to town lapping away at the musky delight of her love’s bare twat.
Unable to contain her soft gasps and moans of excitement, Anie spreads her thighs wide to accommodate Cayla between them. In return, Cayla goes all out licking and fingering her girlfriend’s sweet snatch. Anie’s puffy lips open on cries of excitement when Cayla rises to her knees to gain the necessary leverage to finger bang her love to completion.
While Anie’s pussy still pulses with satisfaction, Cayla climbs up her lover’s body and settles her pussy over Anie’s mouth. Her hips bump and grind against Anie’s soft lips as the brunette snakes her tongue out to play with Cayla’s dripping folds. Eventually Cayla lifts her hips higher so Anie can put her fingers to work pleasuring her girlfriend’s landing strip fuck hole.
Rolling onto her hands and knees as Cayla sidles down her body, Anie rears her hips back to push her ass up in the air. Cayla takes the unspoken invitation, gripping Anie’s firm ass between her palms and spreading it wide so nothing is left to the imagination. Leaning in, she stiffens her tongue to probe at Anie’s anus while the brunette hums her deep approval. When Cayla eventually slides her fingers into Anie’s fuck hole from behind, she finds Anie drenched and ready to explode at the slightest stimulation.
Determined to give her girlfriend the same double whammy that she has just enjoyed, Anie drops to her belly between Cayla’s legs and uses her tongue to lick long, wet strokes up her lover’s bald pussy. Her loving ministrations soon pay off as Cayla reaches up to grab the pillow behind her head and lets herself fall into a long and powerful climax. Relaxing in the aftermath, the two girls lock eyes and arms in a passionate, love-affirming kiss.

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SubGenres: Anal Play, Black Hair, Blonde, European, Fair Skin, Girl Orgasm, Girl-Girl, Lesbian, Lingerie, Long hair, Medium Boobs, Panties, Passion, Petite, Pussy Licking, Shaved Pussy, Small Boobs, Tall Girls, Trimmed

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