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Watching girlsonlyporn Come Out And Play – S2:E10 with Alex Coal, Freya Parker, Jessie Saint. Jessie Saint has two roommates, Freya Parker and Alex Coal,

Jessie Saint has two roommates, Freya Parker and Alex Coal, who are in an open relationship. Freya and Alex suspect that Jessie bats for their team, too. Their feelings are confirmed when they are doing yoga in the yard and realize that Jessie is watching them. Freya and Alex try to invite Jessie to join them, but she makes a hasty retreat.
Later, when Jessie is in the kitchen, Freya and Alex try again. They wait for Jessie to get settled with her tea, then they strut out to join her wearing just their yoga tops and panties. They get right into Jessie’s space with lots of compliments. Then they come together to make out since they think that might entice Jessie into joining them. It doesn’t work; Jessie simply waits until the girls are distracted and once again takes off instead of confronting her attraction.
Still later, Jessie is distracted from her nap by the sounds of loud sex in Alex and Freya’s room. Since there are no eyes on her, Jessie takes the opportunity to indulge. Spurred on by the chorus of moans from the other side of the wall, she caresses her hands down er breasts and then down to pull her thong into her hot pussy. She is just settling in to masturbate when Alex and Freya barge in on her with plenty of congratulations for finally coming out of her shell and acknowledging that she does like girls.
Now that Jessie has been properly outed, there’s no need to play coy. She lets Alex and Freya peel her out of her clothes as she explores the way it feels to really kiss a girl. As soon as Alex and Freya have gotten themselves down to their panties and Jessie fully naked, they lay Jessie down in Freya’s lap so that Alex can show her how it feels to enjoy a proper pussy feast.
Next, Alex takes Jessie’s place on her back and pulls Jessie onto her mouth so that she can continue to eat her roomie out. Meanwhile, Freya kneels between Alex’s thighs and leans in to make magic with her tongue. Alex’s trimmed twat is soon twitching with joy even as Alex delivers the same carnal delight to Jessie.
Freya’s turn comes next as she spreads her thighs so Jessie can feast on her sweet snatch. Alex climbs atop Freya’s mouth, positioning her clit within easy licking range. Leaning forward with the headboard to support her, Alex bounces away on Freya’s tongue while Jessie proves that she can indeed make her roommie cum hard. Finally sated and oh so pleased with their new arrangement, the girls cuddle together in bed in the aftermath.

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Alex Coal,Freya Parker,Jessie Saint

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