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Watching nubilefilms Ace In The Sheets – S36:E7 with Codey Steele, Karla Kush. Karla Kush and Codey Steele like to role play. Today, they’ve taken a page

Karla Kush and Codey Steele like to role play. Today, they’ve taken a page from the book of a popular movie franchise. Karla is playing Charlie, while Codey walks in the door dressed as Maverick. They bicker at the door in the spirit of the films, but Maverick doesn’t want to take orders from Charlie. He shows her what he thinks of those orders as he gives her a hard kiss that doesn’t leave any room for negotiation.
Guiding Charlie to the couch, Maverick keeps his lips fastened to hers as they each lose their jackets. Maverick pushes Charlie down, cupping her small breasts and exploring her proud nipples with his hands and mouth. Sliding his hand lower, Maverick slips Charlie’s miniskirt up and her thong aside to rub his fingers through the meaty folds of her dripping pussy.
Charlie may have let Maverick call the shots until now, but this little fireball isn’t about to give in to his demand to be in charge. She gives as good as she got, pushing Maverick down and popping his dick out so she can explore every inch of the long length. When she has had her fill of blowing Maverick, Charlie crawls up his body so she can slide down to ride his fuck stick.
Leaning in close, Charlie presses her forehead to Maverick’s as she rides him. Her passion is obvious as they keep up a slow and sensual pace, although they’re building towards something harder as Charlie climbs off Maverick’s dick and sucks her own juices off of him. In return, Maverick eases Charlie onto her back and laps at her clit before diving in for another full on pussy feast. As soon as he has ensured that Charlie is nice and wet, Maverick reenters her greedy warmth.
Charlie takes it on her back for a few hot minutes, then rolls onto her hands and knees. Gripping the edge of the couch for support, she lets out squeals of delight each time Maverick takes her from behind. Maverick lets his head of steam build up until he’s delivering some ball slapping sex with his hands wound in Charlie’s hair to hold her in place for her pussy pounding. As her climax comes over her, Charlie bites the pillow to muffle her scream of ecstasy. Moments later, Maverick pulls out to blow his load all over Charlie’s back.

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