Real Escorts

Real Escorts


JK and Monty go to Birmingham where Monty calls on the services of Charlene* an escort he has used before. After a quick chat on the couch Charlene reveals some very sex under garment and Monty is straight intothe action* followed by JK.

JK is out in Birmingham again but this time with his mate Joel* as JK’s night went so well with Monty he decides they should do it again* this time they pick up an escort called Peach 24/7. Peach brings with her some uniforms and the night gets off to an arresting time.

This time JK is out in London with his mate John they have a look around on the internet and find themselves an escort called Tiffany. Now its not long before Tiffany is showing the guys how she can multi-task

JK is out with Joel again but this time in Manchester where the call upon the services of an escort named Chrystal. Chrystal turns out to be quite a handful of pleasure* and Joel takes the camera off JK so JK can really work on Chrystal’s assets.

JK enjoyed himself so much in Manchester that he told his mate Monty they need to have a night out there* so in true JK style they organise the services of an escort called Elisa. Little did they know that Elisa has brought a toy with her* which is put to expert use by all three of them.

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