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Luscious Hyapatia Lee was one of the most gorgeous and sexually provocative women in eighties porn, a stunning Native American whose delectable all-natural curves were the stuuf dreams are made of. This torrid, tantalizing video treat showcases Hyapatia in all her gorgeous glory, grinding her way through every man and woman she can lay her lusty little hands on. Hyapatia wasn’t one to sit back and let others lead the way – she was a take-charge sex machine who always brought out the beast in her partners. Whether in romantic couplings or feverish group gropes, Hyapatia Lee was definitely INSATIABLE, and this white-hot collection leaves no sexual stone unturned!

2007 Gourmet Video Barbara Dare,Hyapatia Lee,Jessica Wylde

Genre: Compilation

Director: Gourmet Video

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